Didactic project

In the autumn of 2012, coinciding with the inauguration of the “Archeological Collection of “Radici del Presente” (Roots of the Present), the Generali Insurance Group decided to extend this contribution offered to the schooling sphere, to the entire national territory realizing a didactic project intended to attract the younger generation to the cultural elements and to enhance the extraordinary historical and archeological heritage throughout our country.

From 2012 to 2015, three editions of the didactic project Radici del Presente, have involved more than 7500 students in an articulated educational route researching the historical and cultural roots of their region.

The ancient system of Roman roads and thirty-three Roman villa distributed throughout Italy were the starting point for the discovering of their territory and of the events which determined its evolution.
The in depth didactic material, a cycle of webinars and a didactic kit sent to each class has given the teachers the instruments to show their students the value of cultural elements in comprehending contemporary times.

The project, addressed to fourth and fifth grade classes in primary schools as well as first classes in secondary schools, has proposed a didactic method beginning with the question “How could our territory have looked in the ancient roman times?” developing a way of learning that integrates their contributions on the various subjects in a transversal manner in regard to study programs.

The team of archeologists and researchers of the Federico II University of Naples has worked alongside the teachers throughout the various stages of this process, and thanks to the precious collaboration of the regional Archeological Superintendences, has created the conditions to utilize the cultural heritage as an effective instrument of learning at the disposal of the Italian schools.

The students, on their side, with the research that they uploaded to the Italian website dedicated to this project have narrated the roots of Italy giving life to a collective mosaic that renders the wealth and variety of the culture of our country.

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