Topical lessons

Roots of the Present hosts a cycle of topical lessons for Italian schools with the aim of valorising the cultural heritage and attracting young generations to the fascinating world of archaeology.

The lessons enrich the experience of the guided tour of the Museum, explaining the history and culture of Roman civilisation in simple, engaging language. Students are accompanied on a trip that enables them to understand and look closely at the context and scenario that formed the backdrop to historical events, part of their educational programme, seen through the attraction of archaeology.

The lessons are differentiated according to the type of school and given by a group of archaeologists from the Federico II University, Naples.
A story is told about the habits of daily life, housing customs and public and private spaces of the ancient Romans, starting from the study of the finds in the museum. Some lessons are on Trajan’s Column and the Imperial Fora, overlooked by the windows of the museum.

The initiative, for Italian schools, is free subject to booking:
Free phone: 800 360 622
Email: info@radicidelpresente.it

Click here to download the calendar of topical lessons.


The videos in this section show some of the main subjects dealt with during the topical lessons:
− the events carved on Trajan’s Column, games and pastimes in ancient Rome and the transformation of the Imperial Fora over time - for classes in primary and middle schools.
− the architectural choices of common homes, the exploration of private spaces, and the majesty of the temples, fora and theatres, for High Schools.

Click here to download the detailed description of the lessons.