The Museum “Roots of the Present” appears to be the successful completion of a series of projects undertaken by Assicurazioni Generali in the cultural and educational domain since 2007 with the exhibition of archaeological finds "Roots of the Present" staged in Trieste and Mogliano Veneto (Treviso).

With this educational exhibition, designed on the occasion of the 175th anniversary of Assicurazioni Generali’s foundation, a very young audience was given the opportunity to be exposed to the values expressed by the regional, architectural, artistic and entrepreneurial roots of our country. The exchange that has been established between the Generali Group and the thousands of students involved in the initiative leads to an encouraging observation: when it is deeply rooted in sound ethical values, the entrepreneurial spirit becomes the best tool for cultural development.

After this archaeological exhibition, the Generali Group decided to pursue further school patronage initiatives by opening the doors of a significant place for the Company – Ca’ Corniani (in Carole,Venice), the first farm owned by Generali, which was acquired in 1851. An interactive educational itinerary was set up, which engaged over 5300 students and 500 teachers from primary and lower secondary schools. The young visitors were guided to discover a whole world of history, design and innovation. Ca’ Corniani was an ideal model to show students that we are deeply rooted in a land that began to stratify when man, thanks to the discovery of agriculture, learned to “project” i.e. to “thrust” the result of his actions beyond visible space. Direct experience – aimed at highlighting the environment created by Assicurazioni Generali in 160 years of agricultural activity – offered the ideal conditions to show that one of the main challenges for the future will be the intelligent and respectful use of the resources that nature and human ingeniousness have provided.

In 2012 the Generali Insurance Group then decided to extend this didactic opportunity to all of the national territory proposing for three years an in-depth procedure offered to all Italian public schools which brought students to the discovery of their own historical and cultural roots,starting from the study of 13 ancient roman roads and 33 archeological sites. The national didactic project has involved more than 7500 students distributed throughout all of the Italian regions in an articulated way enhancing and rediscovering their own territory and the cultural elements that it contains.

The latest outcome of this commitment is the the Archeological Collection “Roots of the Present” in Piazza Venezia in Rome, inaugurated together with its didactic project, it makes available to teachers and students the didactic method resulting from previous experiences.

At the Corporate Art Award 2016, the Museum “Roots of the Present” has received a special mention for the “Educational value of the archaeological collection”. The event rewards companies that have demonstrated outstanding commitment to the valorization of Cultural Heritage.

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