The finds
unearthed beneath
the Palazzo

A city whose life has never stopped preserves in its genetic heritage the legacy of centuries of history. The exhibits in this room were found when digging the building's foundations.

The exhibits in this room come from the archaeological excavations carried out between 1902 and 1904 during the construction of the Palazzo Assicurazioni Generali. Its foundations were in fact laid on the site of an insula (a multi-storey building consisting of numerous apartments), which was built between the late second and early third century AD. The finds were described by the archaeologist Giuseppe Gatti in his journals at the beginning of the last century. Among the retrieved items were columns – both whole and broken up – as well as bases and capitals, fragments of cornices, sculptures, including portraits and small statues, and tools and fire-damaged pottery. The excavations carried out recently by the Superintendence for Archaeological Heritage of Rome, during the works for underground line C, have allowed to add new data and to reconstruct the outline of a second building, an auditorium, where readings and literary contests took place.

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