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The didactic approach of the museum reconstructs the ancient settings that originally surrounded the artefacts. The guided tour along the different rooms allows visitors to explore the rooms where ancient Romans lived their daily life, along with public spaces and necropoles, thus providing a comprehensive picture of the society of the time.

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ROOM C: The viridarium

The Roman house had wide open spaces planted with gardens surrounded by a peristyle, a large columned porch, onto which dining rooms and sitting rooms opened.

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Room B: The Domus

The Roman house was also open to outsiders and was the site of the owner's social representation. The findings of this room tell the story of a typical city domus, with its atrium, garden, dining rooms and bedrooms.

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ROOM F: The historical commemorative bas-relief

The possibility to bring life-like figures and objects out of the two-dimensional background of a stone slab, allowed to cover monuments with “alive” depictions, able to offer a visual narrative of events of religious, civil or military interest.

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ROOM M: The funeral inscriptions

Human beings have always sought to leave immortal signs of their existence and have passed down through stone the memory of themselves and their loved ones. The marble slabs displayed in this room are almost two thousand years old and the words engraved on them are still readable today.

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The habitable sets

The displays are interspersed with five “habitable sets”, where archaeological finds and archival documents become actors and players in a tale that establishes a direct contact with the ancient world. In this way, we are allowed to travel back in time, spanning the two thousand years that separate us from ancient Rome to immerse ourselves fully in the past.